Monday, February 27, 2012

Highlights from a Birthday Weekend

Rob's not going to be happy I posted this.
Happy birthday Robbie!
This past weekend was a whirlwind of fun and excitement, of birthdays, celebrations and recoveries.  It's hard to whittle it down to just a few highlights, but here goes.

Friday night: Dinner at Brushstroke in TriBeCa for Robbie's birthday - 10 delicious courses with wine and sake pairings, including a delicious Cherrywood and Chrysanthemum Smoked Duck and capped off with this soy milk panna cotta for the birthday boy.

Needless to say, we were met Saturday morning with a food and drink hangover.  

Schmaltzing up the chopped liver.
But that didn't stop us from celebrating again on Saturday night, this time joined by many friends for raucous birthday revelry at Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse.

If you've never been, try to imagine a bar a rec the community center of your grandparents' Catskills bungalow 1975, complete with bottles (and bottles) of Ketel encased in ice.  Can't imagine that?  You owe it to yourself to go then.  

Ain't that the truth.
Super awesome Saturday night usually means a not-so-awesome Sunday, and yesterday wasn't entirely different.  We did, however, cap the weekend with a wonderful dinner at Robbie's aunt and uncle's place, and, of course, some birthday cake. A far more genteel affair, and one infinitely more appropriate to ease us back into the workweek.

Will be back soon to share details, both of this weekend and a little President's Day weekend jaunt to Newport, RI.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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