Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh My Darling

December is never really fully embraced by me. It comes about unwanted, forcing upon me sleet, cold, and the worst of the worst, finals. Especially in Chicago, where the weather just turns to grey. The sun, which not long ago played a lead role in the adventure of each day, returns now only once in a while for an always long-awaited cameo. Yes, that picture above is beautiful and yes, my street is gorgeous when blanketed by a fresh coat of powder. Though it does bring about the first snow, the holidays and general good cheer, I get caught up in the winter-ness of the December. Autumn is great, the leaves turn colors, the air smells of spice. Winter brings to mind pictures of slush, especially in this early part, when the temperature has not quite steadied itself, and snow turns to sleet, rain into ice. The roads go from looking serene and gorgeous to being slick and dangerous. But among all of this, is one of my favorite things about the winter.

Clementines are a little bright spot in the greyness of the coming season. They're sweet and summerish, and though I've never been a true fan of oranges, these things can do me no wrong. It's just hard to get a good orange, one that's perfectly juicy and whose sweetness is unobstructed by the bitter pith. Orange juice also has never been a favorite of mine. But these clementines, they know how to get me. It is just a bit harder to get a bad clementine than it is to get a good one. And in spite of everything else that December brings, they are one of the bright spots, one of the cures to the winter gloom. They're Mother Nature's little apology for the elements she has thrust my way. And I accept graciously, put on my gloves, and gleefully go about my winter.

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